How to stay cool under pressure – Dom (Fast and the Furious 4)

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in getting a new post up. The last few days have been a whirlwind of of events. So, I just got back from a job interview yesterday and sadly never got it.
However, the pressure at the interview, got me thinking about how Alpha Males handle pressure and this post was born!


Character: Dominic ‘Dom’ Toretto
From: The Fast and the Furious Movies
Actor: Vin Diesel


What’s it all about?

After tricking his way into a drugs courier job for the film’s ‘bad guy’, Dom confronts the guy that he suspects of killing his girlfriend. Dom suspects that the ‘bad guys’ will try and kill him and the other drivers anyway after the job, so he plans an ‘explosive’ distraction to get the upper hand!


OK, so what should I be looking out for?
  • Watch Dom’s eyes – he uses strong eye contact, even as the guy threatens him. He asks direct questions and does not sugar coating anything. Dom locks eyes with Fenix (never taking them off him) and it’s almost as if Dom is challenging him to lie to him.
  • Fenix admits to killing Letty but notice that Dom remains calm. He stays in control of himself even with the emotions raging through him. Dom has crafted his plan and knows when to strike, he knows the perfect moment to act. Like an Alpha Male, Dom waits for the most opportune moment to strike.
  • It’s apparent from the conversation that Dom is an Alpha, whereas Fenix is trying to be one. Throughout the film, Dom is seeking retribution for Letty. He has his end goal and he never wavers, unlike Fenix, who you suspect would work for the highest bidder. Dom has his morals and end goals and stays true to them throughout.
  • Listen to the difference in the vocal tonality they both use. Dom’s voice stays the same throughout. Fenix is more beta, it seems like he is trying to scare Dom with his sinister whispers … big mistake!
  • Dom is in great shape and has supreme confidence in himself. Watch how he constantly looks for Fenix and goes for him regardless of the dangers, Dom deals with obstacles as they come to him. He has laser focus on his goal. In a way though, you could say that it is a beta behaviour of Dom – he is reacting rather than being proactive.
  • At the end, Dom realises that his plan isn’t going to work so he is willing to adapt. He is not pig-headed like a beta male is and is willing to change his plan to suit, in this case, escape with Brian.
  • C’mon! Dom gets shot and simply walks over to the henchmen and starts beating on him!


How do I do this for myself then?
  •  Put yourself into pressurised situations. In other words, get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to do the things that your scared of. You can’t learn to stay cool under pressure if you are not experiencing pressure. So, approach the hot girls, again and again! Learn to love the pressure and embrace it.
  • Have a plan, a end goal in mind. Alpha Males know what they want to achieve and go full throttle for it. They realise that their plan may not always work out but they aim for their goal throughout and adapt as they go. Pick a goal that you want in your life and go hell bent to achieve it.
  • Start slow if you need to. Stand up for yourself against a bad colleague or poor service in a shop. Watch your breathing (use long, deep breaths), try to stick to looking in the other persons eyes (see this for help) and build up the level of pressure you put yourself under.
  • Take improvisation or debate classes etc. These sort of classes teach you to think on your feet and respond quickly, to have faith in your answers and your own viewpoint.
  • Go out and try to be rejected. Say exactly what you want, look to self amuse as you interact with people. You will soon learn that rejection means nothing. So what if a girl rejects you! It means nothing! All rejection is, is a learning experience – it shows you that you can step up, feel the pressure and do what you want to do. It shows you what doesn’t work and what does (you’d be surprised what some girls go for!). Love rejection. It gets you better and by getting better, you get laid more!


So what do you think? Is Dom a good example? Would you like to be like him? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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