Episode #60 Julian Rosen on how to live a Fearless Life


Hello and welcome to another episode of the Next Level Guy Show podcast with your host Ian Dawson Mackay.

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Today I am talking to Julian Rosen, creator of the Fearless Life Project. Julian’s mission is to help men who are feeling lost and hopeless, rediscover the passion and fire that is within you and become the man that you truly want to become. Julian’s content is mind-blowing and he can help you change lifelong BS in a matter of hours. I knew I had to get him on when I found his site.

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Now let’s get to the interview with Julian, this is one of my favourite interviews and I cant wait to hear what you think, so please leave a review on iTunes and add a comment on the show notes



  •  Who is he
  • How did his upbringing shape him and build the interest in helping others
  • How the brain dictates how we act and what we do, regardless of what we want to achieve in our lives
  • Why do we procrastinate?
  • How does he work with a client on making the most of their lives
  • How everything starts with what we think and the chain of reactions that come from it
  • The importance of fitness, team games to keep you afloat and elevate your state
  • Low hanging fruits you can reach for right now to create a big change in your life for the positive
  • The link about the link between feelings and actions
  • How do we turn off the faucet of wasteful emotions
  • How do we figure out how to act and cut through the noise and bs of the media, work and family vibes and ignore the bombardments and find out what you truly want to do in life
  • How do you overcome impostor syndrome? How do we stop comparing ourselves to others and live for ourselves and not in competition with others
  • What will really matter on our deathbed
  • How do you deal with the naysayers and people who will try to pull you back into bad habits when you try to change
  • What message does he want everyone listening to take from this interview


  • Julian isn’t characterised by his job but by his mission in life – what is your mission in life? When it is all said and done, who do you want to be remembered as and for what?
  • School is a great part of our lives but it is not the only part of life. Don’t judge yourself or others by their achieved or lack of qualifications or letters after their name or on their jacket. Everyone has a unique gift to help others and make the world a better place. 
  • Julian admits his struggles and is open and honest. He doesn’t play a character on social media, he is his real, authentic self. 
  • Please remember that the people you admire on social media are like you, you are just seeing their best side, their highlights of recent times, with photos taken countless times to best showcase their life. It is rarely a true reflection of them as a person. Don’t judge your entire life against someone’s stage managed highlights.
  • People will always judge others. It won’t change. But you can. Want something different in your life? Then you will need to do something different that the norm to achieve that. 
  • Our brain seeks comfort of the norm, it is scared by change, to change your life, we need to overcome our brain standard programming to change our lives
  • Your thoughts are not 100% truth, most are bs and not real.
  • How you start your day, by how you wake up, and what you do straight away, affects what you do for the rest of the day and how it may go for you
  • Are you doing what society or your family wants you to be doing or are you being authentic to yourself and living the life you truly want?
  • Keep it simple. Focus on the fundamentals of each action. Take it easy, start now and build on the fundamentals. It will not kill you but it will change your life. 
  • You need to drop the bullshit and the baggage that you are carrying to succeed. You are enough to succeed right now, you don’t need anything else. 



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