Episode #48 The Mind Pump guys on how to build great partnerships that can change the world

Episode: #48 The Mind Pump guys on how to build great partnerships that can change the world

Who: Today’s guests are the Mind Pump Media team (@MindPumpMedia). This interview is fun, informative and full of double entendres! The guys are the cutting edge of the fitness industry and really helping people transform themselves by cutting through the BS and fakeness of the fitness industry and actually providing helpful advice that can work for you to help you achieve your goals.

As the guys describe themselves: “MindPump is an online radio show/podcast that has been described as Howard Stern meets fitness. It is sometimes raw, sometimes shocking and is always entertaining and informative. Your hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews have over 40 years of combined fitness experience as personal trainers, club managers, IFBB fitness competitors and fitness thought leaders.

The fitness world is filled with charlatans and snake oil salesmen pushing the latest and greatest (and sometimes downright dangerous) workout programs, supplements and faux science on the unsuspecting masses. Sal, Adam and Justin use MindPump as a platform to shed the light of TRUTH on health, fitness and a host of other topics.”

In this interview, we discuss what makes Mind Pump so unique and successful and focus on how to build great partnerships and friendships that can help you change the world.

And yes, before anyone asks, the intro was recorded when I only had my temp use mic and the quality is shocking!

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I hope you have as much fun listening to this one as I did during the interview. Enjoy!

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What we cover

  • Who they are and how they fit into the Mind Pump team – definitely the best intro we’ve had!
  • How did the guys meet and what makes them unique and creates the awesome chemistry that the guys have
  • The best methods to train clients and actually help them transform to achieve their goals
  • How can ego be removed to ensure you can work as part of a team and build true partnerships and friendships?
  • How has running their own podcasts changed them as people, their business, and their friendships?
  • Why do they think their podcast has been so successful?
  • Podcast guests that have really inspired them or helped them evolve as a person or business?
  • Who are the dream guests they would like to have on their podcast?
  • What do they think makes a great guy? How can you ‘Mind Pump’ your life?
  • What are the great mindsets for men to grow and learn throughout life?
  • How should people use the information they learn from books, podcasts etc to help them become better men?
  • What do they think the future of Mind Pump will be?
  • What do the guys want you to take away from this interview?
  • How can you connect with the guys and follow their progress?
  • And so much more

Some things to reflect on

    • Mind Pump is working to cut out the myths and bullshit that exist in the fitness industry today to give useful, actionable and enjoyable fitness help. Mind Pump doesn’t preach, they share the modalities, the pros, and negatives of everything and what works for you and provide ‘radical honesty’ to disrupt the bs the industry has been building.
    • To become fit – “A lot of things work but nothing works for everybody and the things that do work, won’t work for you all the time“, how is your approach working truthfully? Do you need to adapt it or change your approach to suit?
    • Helping clients is about problem-solving through the bs and mass of misinformation and helping them find the methods that work for them. There are no cookie cutter approaches to success that work for everyone.
    • When working with a client, it is more about how you communicate things to the client then what you are communicating to them
    • Undissolved egos can cause a massive problem when trying to form and develop a team – can you let others lead? Do you need to be the ‘main guy’ in the team? Are you really trying to benefit the team or do you have a ‘scarcity mindset’ and just looking out for yourself?
    • Partnerships are like marriage
    • Own what you are not good at, accept it and utilise what you can provide and assist the team with. The best teams work because each person provides assistance to the team with something that is otherwise lacking. Not everyone can be the best at everything. Find out what you are good at and provide that to the team and the partnerships.
    • Your true net worth is your network” is a statement that I really agree with. As they say, you are the average of the five people you hang around with most. Is your network something you are proud of? If not, what are you going to do about it?
    • Don’t be afraid to try or go somewhere new or a topic you haven’t covered or considered. Challenge yourself. Try it and see how things go, try and evolve.
    • Some great viewpoints for what will help you become the best version of yourself the fastest: “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable“, “Make friends with what you don’t know“, “Be Ok with being wrong“.
    • Stop focusing on the things you are not good at, focus on what you are good at and be fucking great“. You can’t be great at everything, stop beating yourself up about things you aren’t good at and instead use this philosophy to become great by “know your strengths, know what you are good at and be great at it“.
    • Seek out the opposing viewpoint” to succeed and listen to them with an open mind and either come out with a stronger opinion or change your mind. Either way, you will win as you will either strengthen your understanding or be wrong and learn from it.
  • The only person you should compare yourself to is how you were yesterday. Always be looking to better yourself today compared to yesterday.

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