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Making Memory Your Strength – Guest Post

Today’s post is a great guest post from Jackie Edwards. 

Super competitive but not a great sportsman? An amazing sportsman but have difficulty remembering how far you ran two days ago? We all secretly want to be the best at something in our lives. Be it our hobbies or careers, everyone wants to excel and be known as ‘the guy that is really good at something special’. How about a talent that is not only respected but can be very handy for many other areas of your life? – Your memory.

Being able to remember vast amounts of information has many advantages. From remembering why you couldn’t make it into work last Monday, to the names of everyone at the party, a great memory will serve you well. There are many different options, but to be a master of memory you have to train like a memory champion.

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Myths and Facts about Premature Ejaculation

Today’s post is a guest post on a subject few guys talk about … Premature Ejaculation. Today’s guest post author is Patrick Banks, for awesome advice check out Patrick’s site here

Enter Patrick ….

The most common problem relating to sexual dysfunction in men is premature ejaculation. All of you can probably imagine how embarrassing it would be to lie naked in bed with a lovely girl while she stares disappointedly at your soft penis after one minute of intercourse. Her eyes fill up with deception and pity… sounds familiar?

Some time ago I felt so miserable about my sexual performance that I couldn’t focus on my work or any daily activities. For some time I totally lost motivation to interact with women, simply because I didn’t want to see this pitiful disappointment in their eyes ever again in my life!

It took me some time to entirely solve my problem and become fully satisfied with my sex life. Before I reached this point, I looked through thousands of resources on the internet and encountered plenty of myths about premature ejaculation. Sexual issues are such a popular subject nowadays that sometimes it may be easy to lose track of what is actually true and what’s just a misunderstanding or lie.

Let’s finally address the myths and facts surrounding premature ejaculation.




MYTH #1: Premature ejaculation happens only to young and inexperienced men
FACT: Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction among men regardless of age

According to the 1999 NHSLS survey by Laumann et al., 30% of men ages 18-29, 32% ages 30-39, 28% ages 40-49, and 31% ages 50-59 stated that climaxing too early was an issue for them. I know that some of you were hoping that age would slow things down naturally , but if the ailment stays untreated, the matter will not get better on its own. Premature ejaculation can potentially lead to divorce and could make it very difficult to start any physical relationship down the road.


MYTH #2: Long penetration is a crucial part of sex
FACT: More than half of sex is mental.

The brain is the most important sexual organ, which is especially true for women. Haven’t you noticed that female porn stars rarely experience orgasms despite long, intense penetration? That’s because sex isn’t just physical – most of it occurs within the mind. This means that even if you WERE able to penetrate her for hours there’s no guarantee that she would like it or even experience an orgasm.

The average time it takes for a woman to reach orgasm is 10-15 minutes. However, you can drastically improve that timeframe if you arouse her with foreplay and stimulate her in various ways (not just vaginally). If you want to be an amazing lover , you need to be phenomenal at foreplay and make sure that your partner gets enough of the emotional support and cuddling.



MYTH #3: Watching porn doesn’t influence your performance in bed
FACT: Porn Consumption trains you to cum too early

Watching adult videos impacts dopamine production–the hormone responsible for controlling your ejaculation reflex. If you watch porn excessively you teach yourself to come too quickly developing bad habits especially if you start at a very early age. The access to a variety of sexual acts and fetishes can be very addictive and leads you to masturbate to quickly achieve orgasm, just to get your next dopamine rush. What’s more, by exceeded porn consumption you may build up a dopamine resistance. While masturbating with extra stimulations, such as porn, can lead you to orgasm in a very short time, it fails to involve your other senses (such as touching or smelling your girlfriend’s body, etc.) which has a different effect on your receptors.


MYTH #4: Your thoughts during sex doesn’t change how long you can last
FACT: Performance anxiety is a big endurance killer

I think we all know that feeling. You’re about to have sex with your girl and suddenly these thoughts invade your mind: “OMG, I’m already way too horny and we haven’t even started yet… What if I come too quickly again? She’ll think I’m a loser…” If you have experienced coming too early in the past, your thoughts and feelings often times can induce premature ejaculation, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of being relaxed and enjoying sex you think “OMG, I’m already way too horny… What if I come too quickly again?” You try so hard NOT to come that you come much earlier than you would like to.

As I mentioned before, the sex is extremely mental, so our habits directly influence our performance. Even men with frequent sex can get extra-aroused, because in his mind he is trained to come too early. Reducing anxiety works differently for everyone. There are several methods that can be used to rewire your mind to have better sex. Among these methods are hypnosis, NLP, or meditation.




MYTH #5: It`s not possible to teach yourself to perform longer without taking pills
FACT: You can rewire your brain and train your “sex-muscles” With kegel exercises

It is totally possible to entirely solve the problem of premature ejaculation. However, it requires some time and complex routine changes regarding your mental and physical habits. Performing kegel exercises, which were designed to train your pelvic floor muscles, brings numerous benefits like greater control over ejaculation and enhanced sexual function.
Contrary to most advice on the internet, just having strong pelvic muscles won’t do anything for you. You have to know at what moments to flex them and when to relax them. This will make a huge difference, especially when combined with natural supplements and relaxation techniques.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-04 um 16.14.59Patrick Banks is a Berlin based writer with over 5 years of experience providing sex and dating advice. He is a fierce optimist who believes in the power of making life happen. He shares his opinions on his Wingman Magazine.

Guest Post: How to increase your attraction level

Hi all, whilst I am taking a short break from writing as I finish some other projects, I am pleased to announce a new article from Sebastian for your viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


In case you are already confident when you approach women and it is absolutely no problem for you to approach even the hottest girls, but you still don’t get the results you want to achieve, you might act in a way that isn’t attractive to women. As soon as you approach a girl there are a few things you can do that will help you to increase your attraction level.

Of course it is important that the girl is at least slightly attracted to you from the beginning, otherwise no tactic in the world can turn a totally disinterested woman around and transform her into a girl who is begging to suck your dick. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. However, there are some things you can do during an interaction that make you more attractive to the girl you are interacting with.

The process of increasing your attraction level can basically be divided in two main aspects that you have to consider. Because those two main aspects might be a little bit too abstract to put them directly into practice I want to provide you with a few practical things you can do in order to automatically act according to the two principles that will increase your attraction level.




Being Confident

The first principle that will make you more attractive to women during a conversation is by showing her that you are a confident guy. Self-confidence is one of the most attractive things in a man and I have never met one girl who said that she doesn’t prefer confident guys over a guy who acts in a very shy and insecure way. Now, how do you show a girl that you are confident?

During an interaction there are mainly two things you can do. First of all you should approach her by walking up to her in an upright position and by smiling at her in a seductive way while being totally relaxed. I am talking about meeting women with a self-confident body language.

Thereby, you shouldn’t try too hard and walk around like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his best days by showing that you are able to sprawl out your arms and walk around as if you shitted yourself. A self-confident body language has nothing to do with acting arrogant or totally exaggerated. All you have to do is to relax and to walk up to her by having a normal posture that communicates that you are okay with yourself. Before I forget it, it also helps when you smile, to show her that you are a fun guy and not a serial killer.

The second thing you can do to show her that you are a confident guy, which will eventually increase your attraction level, is to look her in the eyes. Thereby I don’t mean that you should look her in the eyes for a second and as soon as she looks back you look away because you can’t take the pressure. That’s not the best way to attract women. By looking her in the eyes I mean that you are able to hold eye contact and to show her that you are more confident than 99% of the guys she met, who are not able to look a girl straight in the eyes. Of course many of us were raised in the belief that it is impolite to look another person straight in the eyes. That’s why it is necessary to relearn this ability by starting to practice prolonged eye contact and eventually putting this skill into practice.




Being Sexual

Besides showing the girl you are with that you are a self-confident guy who has balls of steel you also have to show her that you are a guy who knows how to use those balls of steel. You have to communicate to her that you are okay with being not only a human being but also a sexual being and that you are interested in her in a sexual way.

This automatically increases your attraction level and prevents you from getting labeled as “such a nice guy” or “a good friend”. There are mainly two things that are highly effective when you want to show a girl that you have a sexual interest in her. You can express this interest either by saying something sexual or by acting in a sexual way.

The best way to say sexual things is by transforming a regular conversation into a flirt. By flirting with her you show her that you are a fun guy who is not ashamed of saying things that can be interpreted in a slightly sexual way. By allowing her to interpret your words in whatever way she wants, you also allow her to associate you with sex. This eventually leads to her feeling the desire to sleep with you.

Another way of being sexual with a girl is by touching her. By doing this you should be careful that you are not too aggressive and too forward right from the beginning. Start in a subtle way by touching her arm when she says something funny and as soon as you see that she is comfortable with being touched by you, you can increase the intensity of your touching. This behavior can lead to a kiss after five minutes of talking, whereas the guy who doesn’t touch girls only gets the usual hug.





My name is Sebastian and I am the owner of My vision is to help men to live a life true to themselves and a life in which they can be authentic, honest and confident in the presence of women. I write articles about foreign dating and seduction in different cultures. My goal is to inspire men all over the world to embrace the art of seduction and to live a life full of unforgettable sexual experiences and adventurous travel.

Guest Post Revisit

Hi all, Sorry for the lack of posting, my current job and a week’s holiday has prolonged my next posting. However, I thought I’d share a few of my old guest posts with you. I used to advertise these on a page on the site but since the revamp, the page has been deleted. I am really proud of a lot of these posts and the style and awesomeness that I feel is looped into the words contained within.

Did you know that I once wrote about …


  • Advice from Shawshank Redemption – Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying – Published at TSB Mag – Looking at Andy Dufresne. I look at how we are locked inside our own mental prisons, how these prisons affect what we do and how we run our lives. I use Andy Dufresne to show how one can escape from even the most horrible of prisons and crawl through a river of shit and come out clean on the other side.

  • Jeremy Lin: Slam Dunk on your Culture for the Win – Published at – Analysis of Jeremy Lin. In this article, I looked at the phenomeonen that is ‘Linsnaity’, the media explosion around Jeremy Lin. I look at how external forces dictate how we live our lives and how we can become the person we want to be regardless of how our culture upbringing tells us to act.

  • Everyone has their Fight, what’s yours? – Published at – Analysis of Jake Tyler. I really enjoyed this film and it hit home to me how we all have our own inner demons that beat us constantly. In this article, I look at how we can put our inner demons into a triangle choke and tap them out so we can be the badass we want to be.

  • Unleash the Beast – Published at – Analysis of Wolverine. Have you ever felt that you are holding something back in life? Wanting to just let go of your fear and insecurity? Then this is just the article you need!

Please have a look and comment on the site and below. Let me know what you think. I would have to say that my article about Spartacus, for the Social Man site, was my best ever.

 However, I don’t just write guest posts. If you are interested in writing for this site, then please contact me on the ‘Contact’ page and submit your proposal for a guest post. I’m open to all potential articles. Thanks.