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Welcome back to NLG. Unfortunately, I have been burning the candle at both ends for too long now and have ended up with the delights of a chest infection. So in between coughs, low energy and feeling sick, I decided none of the posts I have tried writing are good enough to publish but I still wanted to publish something for you to absorb and use to better yourself. So I decided to write up a look at the best youtube videos I have been using recently to hit the Next Level.

It wouldn’t be hard to believe that I read a lot and watch a lot of videos on many topics, especially when I am sick. The intake of knowledge allows me to forget about the pain and suffering that illness brings. In other words, it keeps me cheery when I feel like shit. Youtube has been like my own personal Florence Nightingale and kept me sane when I was bed bound.

The following will be a hopefully regular series, of videos I have found and feel they are worthy enough to show you. Obviously, I own none of the content but I am sure that the owners will not mind me putting their material up as it will promote their work and I give all rights and thumbs up to the respective owners. I will try and cover a wide range of topics (well as many as I can without needing to sleep again!), so please watch and comment on whether any of this helped, why or why not and if you have any recommendations for me to investigate.


This is a great video about why we should be bad at things. As people, we tend to shy away from things that we are good at. It makes sense for us to show off our strengths rather than acknowledge our weaknesses. As Roman states, this is stupid as we will never grow and develop as a person. To put it bluntly, we will always be bad at something when we start. As we progress though, we will get better, even if we never get amazing at it or even competently, we will get better to some degree. By accepting failure and trying, we will no longer be an immature little boy and instead open our lives out to a whole range of possibilities that we would have never known is possible. Each person has great gifts that they can share. However, you don’t get given the information of what your gifts are. Maybe that is life’s purpose, to find out what you were given to share with the world. So you will need to try a lot of different things to find your gifts and to do that you will need to accept you will suck at first. As Roman says, you will need to be ok with being bad at first. What are you going to be bad at first?


This is a great video by Elliott Hulse. As Elliott says, we all attach meaning and a story to everything we do. We allow these stories, which are rarely true or which we have outgrown, to dictate what we do and how we do it. Unfortunately, these stories are allowed by the majority of people to hold them in place, like an anchor. They allow them to control them and their life. By giving up on these stories and letting go, we can hit heights that we never imagined possible. As humans we need to give meaning to what happens to us and in the world around us, this is natural and we have been doing it since we existed. However, it is when we allow the stories and meaning to govern us that we are fucked. Watch this video and tell me if your stories are true or now.


I really like this video. I struggled with this concept at the start when I first went out trying to approach girls. I started by trying to impress people and trying to show the girl I was cool … sadly that made me weak as I was selling myself and my worth to the girl and she was the buyer … this is a weak place to come from. Instead, Alex shows how you are all you need to be to get what you want. You just need to draw the fun and enjoyment from yourself. You don’t ‘need’ people to make you whole, you can draw everything you need from within and get the girls. Can you draw the state from within yourself on a night out or do you think he’s talking bullshit?


This is another great video by Elliott Hulse. In this video, Elliott takes a weight-lifting question and turns it into a life-altering way to look at things. We as men, have been led to believe that we need to beat other men in something ‘manly’ to be considered worthy. The problem is that we are not all the same, we all have our own unique gifts and talents. ‘Manly’ things are not a great indicator of a person’s worth as they are not a true measure of a person. Instead, as Elliott advises, we should be looking within to find that unique talents that we each have and bring that out into the world. If we judge ourselves against others, we will always lose as their is always going to be someone better than you at some point. However, the only real way to judge yourself, is if you are better in yourself today than you were yesterday. We all have talents and instead of caring how this person can do X, Y or Z better than you, why not turn that energy back around and instead of wasting it, look at your own life and what you can do and use your gifts. You are unique. There will never be another version of you … ever. You are here … now … why look to compare yourself on something that is maybe not your gift. Instead why not find out who you are and give your skill out to the world to better. Good energy makes the world a better place. Negativity (like hate, jealousy, pain etc) makes you suffer. Which one will you do? Why not find out what you were brought into the world to do?


I could go here. I have literally thousands of videos that I could use and write about however I don’t want to flood you with information and awesomeness. I’ll put more up and turn this into a cool wee series. The beauty of these videos (and the others) is that they have really helped me. I suffer from depression and lately, it has been really hard to write posts, as you will most likely have noticed. Depression is a horrible illness as it can stop you from what you enjoy doing and sap your energy, at the same time making you feel worthless for not being able to endure through it and still do it. These videos have greatly helped me when I was in the blackest of moods as well as soaring in the clouds (yes, I really did just write that!). Some times they are simply enjoyable and cheer you up and other times they can shake how you see the world to your very foundations and make you a better person. I have, despite the bouts of depression, bettered my life in all areas and I feel that these videos and Next Level Guys helped me to do that and I should share their message.

Watch these videos and as Bruce Lee would say, absorb what is useful and shun the rest. Some of the techniques and thinking may work for me and not for you. However, it is good to open your mind to as many new concepts as you can. We are all worthy. We are all great people. We all have unique traits and skills that we can give to make the world and others better and lead enjoyable lives at the same time. You cannot be better or worse than someone else unless you compare your worth against them and you cannot control external factors. Instead control yourself and find out what you were put here to do, what is it that made you be born. I’m not religious in the slightest but we all seem to have something that we are here to do, why not find out what it is inside yourself? You have everything inside yourself already that you need to succeed, you just need to keep trying different things and learn new things and eventually you will unlock the mental padlock we are all born with and your talents will be available to use.

Have a watch, think about them and let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you.


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