What are the ‘Alpha Male Characteristics’ I should aim for?

I have been getting some emails asking if I can put a list up of the typical characteristics of a Alpha Male. In response, I have compiled a quick list below. I have also created a page in the menu bar called … believe it or not! … ‘Alpha Male Characteristics’ (I know – I’m mad like that!) lol). I will add to this page as needed.

The following are some of the Alpha Male Characteristics that you should aim to have as an authentic part of your life. An Alpha Male:

  • Has confidence in himself. He uses internal references from past experiences and faith in himself to be confident. He doesn’t rely on others interpretations of him (which may change) to be confident – he believes in himself always.
  • He is not afraid to act dominant towards women. He leads women and leads the interaction. He is not afraid to be ‘the man’ in the encounter and escalate the interaction to a point where he can sleep with her.
  • He does not suck up to women, he is the chooser and lets women work to prove they are good enough for him. He isn’t jealous or possessive towards women. An Alpha Male will not put a woman on a pedestal and make her special. They have to work to show they can fit into his life and bring value too.
  • Has drive in his life, has a goal and an ambition he works towards. He doesn’t care about people that are trying to bring him down as he works solely towards his goal (but he is not selfish enough to ignore others – he brings them along)
  • He is passionate about whatever her does. He cares deeply about his job, family, hobbies etc. He does nothing to impress others.
  • He doesn’t lie to suck up to girls or guys, he says what he thinks and is honest, whether to someone’s face or not.
  • He is integral in his actions, he sticks to his principles and core values in life.
  • He is positive about life, he accepts rejection as a learning experience and moves on to the next encounter. He is mature enough to walk away from things that are not working out. He forgives his failures. He accepts the past is over and the future is his to shape as he sees fit.
  • He speaks his mind and confronts those that need it, he is assertive when needed
  • He dresses as he wants to, regardless of how people think of his style.
  • He leads others, he doesn’t shy away from taking charge and leading others. Yet he accepts to follow when he sees it is for the greater good. He sees it as a opportunity and not a threat to his masculinity like chodes would.
  • He believes in himself and finds the confidence within himself. He does not need approval from others to accept or believe in himself.
  • He has a great sense of humor. He makes jokes, laughs at jokes and wants to have a fun time.
  • He acts with intent and each action is moving him towards his goal. His goal is what drives him in his life.
  • He will take risks as necessary to move towards his goal. An Alpha Male will not play it safe if he can take a risk and better himself.
  • He values his time and decides what he does in his time. He tries to be as productive as possible in his time. However, when he relaxes and has fun, he gives it all, to enjoy the experience as much as possible.
  • He doesn’t need a woman to make his life complete, he is happy as he draws the confidence from within himself. However, when he is dating, he makes sure she is going to fit into his life and be suitable for him. He chooses her and gives the relationship his all.


Can you think of others that I’ve missed? Have a question on one of these characteristics? Let me know in the comments below or send me a email (using the Contact page).

Hope this helps you guys!

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