What is a Alpha Male?

An Alpha Male can be best summed up by the following:

 “…the highest ranked or most dominant individual of one’s sex.”

Definition from the http://www.thefreedictionary.com


In short, an Alpha Male is the top male in a group, either in terms of animals or humans. He is the number one choice that females want to mate with and other members of his group will take on submissive roles to him, aligning themselves into decreasing ranks of importance.

 So where does the name come from?

The name was typically given to animals that live in social structures where the more powerful male in the group is decided by either simple play-fights or more often in full on battles between members. Think Wolves and Gorilla’s. The phrase ‘Top Dog’ to describe the top guy in a group is a term that has sprung from the Alpha dog in a pack.

The current alpha male must defend his ranking from younger members in the pack, who will challenge him wherever possible. When he is too old or not strong enough to win, he loses his position in the group to a younger member, who must then hold off future challenges to his authority. The group dynamic will have one Alpha male, with the other males playing submissive roles in a varying amount of importance and status in the pack.

The name branched out to humans, when in 1931, a book called “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, was written. In it he grades humans into categories, which he affixes names taken from the Greek alphabet. ‘Alphas’ were given the highest ranking of the different categories. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and the ideal choice for the number one in a group!

Few males are Alpha, Majority are Beata males

Sounds like a pain, why would you want to be a Alpha Male?

The main benefit for being the Alpha Male, is that he is seen as the best choice for females to mate with … and typically does. I’m sure that you have seen it in a nightclub environment, where the ‘cool’ guy has his pick of the women, who are flocking around him. The reason being is that as the Alpha Male, he is the strongest of the potential males she has to mate with. Therefore, it stands to reason that his genes are also going to be the strongest out of the list of her potential suitors. This will give her the best offspring possible, as the strongest genes are passed onto her offspring. Women are driven by their biological need to produce offspring. The judgements she makes in her daily life are based on her most fundamental desires. She wants to ‘mate’ (or most likely in a club pickup – practice mating!) with the best guy she can, or with a guy up ‘the Alpha food chain’.

Animals and humans are the same in terms of looking to mate with the best genes possible. If you strip back animals or people to our most basic desires (needs and wants), the desire to reproduce, to pass on our genes to our offspring is pretty much the number one aim. We want to pass on our genes, to ensure that we (well our genes anyway) survive into the next generation and that ‘we’ do not die out. Our brain is simply trying to ensure our survival, and by being the Alpha Male, we have the best opportunity to do so.

Moreover, by being the Alpha Male, you become the selector. Traditionally, women are the chooser in the mating ritual. She is inundated with choices of potential suitors, trying to mate. She can pick and drop whoever she wants. Modern day women, can be approached every day of the week and they now use a variety of tests (typically known as congruence tests or ‘shit tests’ in the Pick-Up Artist (aka PUA) circles) to weed out the lesser (beta) males and select the best male to mate with. However, when you become the Alpha male, this whole scenario is turned on its head. YOU become the selector. The Alpha Male selects the women to mate with from his selection of women, who are throwing themselves at him, hoping that he chooses them to mate with. All the women want the best guy and as the Alpha Male, he is the one that they want. What would be better than having women compete to sleep with you??

Yep, I want that! How do I get it?

Thought so! Well this is what the site is about! I am going to look at Alpha Males in our entertainment and in real-life and outline why each of them is being successful. I will examine what characteristics they portray that allows them to be successful. Finally, I will show you how you can incorporate these into your life to succeed with women.

Strap yourself in and come down the Rabbit Hole with me!


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  1. Dindoll says:

    Good points, but i would say being alpha is always standing your ground.

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