How to Get Rid of Your Man Boobs

May 25, 2014

Today, we have a cracking guest post from Chad Howse, one of the top fitness coaches on the internet today. I’ve known Chad for a while now and he runs a honest, straightforward man-development blog called Chad Howse Fitness. Chad’s article are in-depth, life-altering, and sometimes just the kick up the ass you need.




Of all the questions I get regarding physique from guys, man boobs, or moobs, has to be at the top of the list for frequency. Thus, I’ve put up a new article addressing this sensitive issue for a lot of guys.

Alright, so man boobs are a very real problem.

Many of the emails I get and the questions I get asked aren’t just centered around fat loss or building muscle but how to get rid of these objects that belong nowhere near a man’s chest.

They crush our confidence, kill our masculinity, and most of what you’re doing on a daily basis is actually making them GROW.

Yes, your diet and even your environment are contributing to your man boobs but, both are completely under your control, you just have to know how they’re effecting you:

= = >> How to Get Rid of Your Man Boobs (article)

I understand the frustration behind this. They’re incredibly difficult to get rid of if you follow the mainstream nutrition and training information that seems to be everywhere.

If you’ve noticed that no matter what workout you do or what diet you do you can’t get rid of your man boobs, then you need to read this article because you’re probably doing the OPPOSITE of what will actually remove them from your life forever.

It’s controversial stuff, and it rips the fitness industry (yes, my industry), but it gets to the truth that you need to hear to finally get right of your man boobs.

= = >> How Your Diet Is Making Your Man Boobs GROW

P.S. A couple things you should keep in mind with man boobs:

1. Don’t focus on fat loss – do the opposite. With your training you should be trying to build muscle, let your diet do the rest.

2. Avoid anything that’s estrogenic for a while, that means beer and plastics and soy. Keep these at an arms length – drinking-wise, whiskey and wine are a better option. Red wine is best.

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