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Why MOST bodyweight workouts suck!!

Today, we have a cracking guest post from Chad Howse, one of the top fitness coaches on the internet today. I’ve known Chad for a while now and he runs a honest, straightforward man-development blog called Chad Howse Fitness. Chad’s article are in-depth, life-altering, and sometimes just the kick up the ass you need.


I have a weird relationship with bodyweight training, a relationship that was rekindled in Italy where for weeks at a time I was relegated to working out with nothing but my own bodyweight…

… I say weird relationship because I don’t like bodyweight training.

Most bodyweight workouts end up making you lose muscle and strength, and yet some of the best workouts I’ve ever done were the bodyweight workouts I was doing when I was fighting (boxing bodyweight workouts).

There’s a reason why boxing bodyweight workouts work better than conventional bodyweight workouts – aside from the fact that fighters have been training using bodyweight for a couple hundred years, of course, and have perfected the art of gaining strength and power and speed while cutting weight.

Aside from that stuff, there’s this:

= = > Why Boxing Bodyweight Workouts Are Better

Toward the end of the article you’ll find the Boxing Bodyweight Program, a program I’m only releasing to you guys.

These are the workouts I did while I was fighting and the workouts I once again did in Italy.

They are awesome. Along with the sprint routine I’ve added as a bonus to the Man Diet, you’ll cut a TON of fat doing these workouts that helped me get ready for a fight.

So if you’re going to be traveling or if you simply enjoy bodyweight workouts more, definitely try Boxing Bodyweight Workouts:

= = >> Bodyweight Workouts for Getting Ripped

Appreciate the support.
Chad Howse

5 scary facts about porn

Today, we have a cracking guest post from Chad Howse, one of the top fitness coaches on the internet today. I’ve known Chad for a while now and he runs a honest, straightforward man-development blog called Chad Howse Fitness. Chad’s article are in-depth, life-altering, and sometimes just the kick up the ass you need.


Warning: This email contains information of a sensitive nature. Reader discretion is advised. 

There are many reasons why we men would want to increase our testosterone levels. All of them, in a roundabout way, whether it’s to look better, feel better, or be better, can be linked to one thing: SEX.

Yet with all the dietary, supplemental and exercise methods you can use to boost testosterone levels and increase your sex drive in the process… 

I Prefer These 3 NATURAL Methods to Increasing T (read all 3)

With that said… there’s one increasingly popular activity that may be the primary reason for an inability to ‘get it up.’ And with our manhood linked so tightly to our sexual performance, that’s pretty darn scary!

The activity: watching porn. Here are 5 scary facts about porn and how it’s destroying your sex drive and your manhood. 

WARNING: I understand how some of this may sound far-fetched and I hate to be the one to crash a good time. It’s not my opinion – how this activity is killing your sex drive – so, let’s just stick to the science. No judging. No guilt-trips. No bible-thumping. Just straight talk man-to-man! Cool? 

1. It diminishes your desire for sex in the real world.

When you watch porn your brain releases chemicals, like dopamine, that are triggered by the visual stimulation that pornography provides and acts just as the physical stimulation of sex. What happens, though, is you become increasingly dependent on the visual stimulation to get aroused, in turn, relying less on the physical touching and caressing of real sex.

2. The more you do it the more you need it.

Becoming dependent on pornography works like any other addiction. You become addicted to the high (dopamine), and it’s this high and this high alone that will satisfy your craving.

So where you once loved to have sex with your lady, you’re now hooked on the visual stimulation that triggers those parts in your brain responsible for pleasure even more intensely – and more frequently – than actual sex now does.

Note: Have you tried to quit porn? Not so easy, am I right? This isn’t because you just like it, it’s because you’re actually addicted to it…

3. It will make you desire your lady less.

As you get used to this visual stimulation, usually filled with massive boobs and acts that a respectable lady would never partake in, you require the same stimulation… (and eventually more nasty stuff which leads to a pretty disgusting downward and dangerous slope, stuff like physical abuse, choking, and weird stuff of the sort).



Your lady has no chance of performing like a highly paid porn star (most pull in upwards of $1,500 a scene and $250K a year!) just like YOU have ZERO chance of performing like a paid male porn star. 

And would you actually want her to? Think about it. Would you want the mother of your children or wife or future wife (or dare I say, your daughter or sister or niece) to be degrading herself like those paid performers do? Would you want other men to be objectifying her? Sorry to hit close to home but THOSE girls ARE someone’s daughters, sisters and mothers! That’s what you call smelling salts … 

And another thought… Imagine if your lady thought it was normal for you to please her for 45+ minutes because she watched too much porn that distorted her view of reality. How would you feel as a man if you couldn’t satisfy her like she thought you were “supposed to?” I don’t know about you, but that would be pretty demoralizing to my self-esteem. Switch the roles!


Listen … the porn industry in the U.S. alone pulls in over $13 BILLION DOLLARS annually and is destroying families and relationships left and right, which is partly the reason why you won’t hear this from very many other sources – because porn = big money. 

It’s worked its way into our society to the point that if you’re a guy and you’re proving that porn is bad you’re simply not cool or living in the dark ages.

But I want the truth. I want you to live an epic life filled with an epic sex drive and I want you to experience it the way it was intended!  

If you’re wondering how in the world we got on the topic of porn… you can thank fitness expert and author Chad Howse, who recently wrote an ebook that is MUST READ material for anyone who wants to be a real man! 

It’s called The Man Diet and after you grab a copy (it’s 50% off right now) you’ll also get a chance to pick up his Epic Sex Guide, which discusses this stuff on porn more in depth. You can check it out here: 

==> How to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels & Boost Sex Drive

Onto reason #4… 

4. Your expectations change dramatically.

I just touched on this briefly, but you may have started with “simple porn,” or sex between a man and a woman, where they’re simply “doing it,” but how long did that last before you needed to “upgrade” to a whole other level of porn (or frequency) to find that same stimulation?

My guess is, not long. And once you’ve advanced to more degrading pornography, the snowball effect is in full swing and you’ll soon have to graduate once again to even more graphic stuff and this can lead to a life of lies, guilt and shame… Not what I want for you and NOT what you deserve.  

You’ll eventually get to the point – if you’re not already there – where only the most perverse acts stimulate you in the same way that the “simple porn” once did. It’s these acts that no respectable woman will perform – sorry, it’s just the truth. 

And so, with no woman able to stimulate you in the same way or same frequency pornography does, you’re left unable to perform “normal,” good, loving sex with a partner because of your dramatically changed expectations.


5. It’s a great way to become impotent.  

Embarrassing! A man’s worst nightmare, whether you’re 26 or 66. Let’s run through this as simply as possible…

You want to, in a roundabout way, increase your testosterone levels so you can have more and better sex with your lady, through building muscle or burning fat or directly impacting your sex drive.

But you also want to watch porn. Ah, a dilemma. As you watch porn you’re stimulated by the visual act occurring in front of you. But that act needs to evolve, so you evolve your tastes. You require weirder and weirder stuff to get off until it’s all you can get off to.

You become dependant on porn to have a boner.

If you’re not experiencing this yet… you WILL.

One of my favorite quotes is: Small Steps, Big Destruction! 

Watching a little porn isn’t going to ruin your life overnight… just like one cookie won’t ruin your body overnight… It’s The Compound Effect (which is another brilliant book by the way). No woman can fulfill this visual stimulation even if they’re willing to do the messed up, degrading stuff that you’re watching…. and even after a lot of booze…

Another thought: You want a woman who will challenge you to become a respectable and noble man, not one who allows you to degrade her at a moment’s notice – am I right?

So you want to boost testosterone to have more sex, better sex, and fulfilling sex, but there’s one thing that’s standing in your way and that’s your addiction to pornography.

Now you’re at a crossroads. Is it porn you want or sex you want? 

Listen… this is one of those real issues every man needs to wrestle with and DEAL WITH…. Don’t sweep it under the rug or else it’ll come back and embarrass you, and dare I say destroy you… 

It takes a real man to recognize this stuff has zero positive benefit. It’s a downward spiral. It can ruin your life. I know this sounds really crazy based on the culture we live in…

I understand that everything around you is telling you to indulge. If you’re a “real” guy, you’re supposed to be a sexual beast, a stud, a leader of the pack, a stallion the ladies can’t resist — right? 


You’re supposed to be a man STRONGER than his physical urges or emotional responses. You’re supposed to be a warrior who is willing to FIGHT for something more important than yourself. 

Read that OUT LOUD 10x! 

It all starts by learning how to optimize your body’s testosterone levels naturally, which will help you look better and feel better and that will give you the confidence to do better and be better – the only two ways to leave a true legacy!

====>   Grab a copy of The Man Diet if you’re ready to start winning the battles that matter most in a man’s life!


If I came across as judgmental in any way, shape, or form, it was NOT MY INTENTION. And if my message causes feelings of guilt, again… NOT MY INTENTION. It’s NEVER too late to TURN AROUND. 

You are DESTINED for greatness and I refuse to let you end up on the path of destruction. I refuse to let your life turn into a slow-motion train wreck.

Listen, this article was NOT easy to write. I’m a hot blooded Italian man and I struggle with this stuff every single day, like everyone else.

And I know that us men will go to great lengths to fool ourselves, working hard to deny that we’re risking everything for a few moments of pleasure. Stand firm, my friend! 

Anyway, this email is now longer than I planned so let’s end here and give you the same resource that got me all fired up to write this today. 

==> Order The Man Diet Right Now (50% off for 48 more hours)! 


P.S. To boost testosterone levels and sex drive naturally, there are more factors than simply diet and training that you need to be aware of…

There’s the mental side of things, the porn side of things, and much more, but everything – and I mean everything – is covered in the link below to make you an optimal, epic, legendary man both in the weight room and in the bedroom and I can’t recommend this program below strongly enough. I think it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for:

==> How to Boost Testosterone and Forge an EPIC Sex Drive

How to Get Rid of Your Man Boobs

Today, we have a cracking guest post from Chad Howse, one of the top fitness coaches on the internet today. I’ve known Chad for a while now and he runs a honest, straightforward man-development blog called Chad Howse Fitness. Chad’s article are in-depth, life-altering, and sometimes just the kick up the ass you need.




Of all the questions I get regarding physique from guys, man boobs, or moobs, has to be at the top of the list for frequency. Thus, I’ve put up a new article addressing this sensitive issue for a lot of guys.

Alright, so man boobs are a very real problem.

Many of the emails I get and the questions I get asked aren’t just centered around fat loss or building muscle but how to get rid of these objects that belong nowhere near a man’s chest.

They crush our confidence, kill our masculinity, and most of what you’re doing on a daily basis is actually making them GROW.

Yes, your diet and even your environment are contributing to your man boobs but, both are completely under your control, you just have to know how they’re effecting you:

= = >> How to Get Rid of Your Man Boobs (article)

I understand the frustration behind this. They’re incredibly difficult to get rid of if you follow the mainstream nutrition and training information that seems to be everywhere.

If you’ve noticed that no matter what workout you do or what diet you do you can’t get rid of your man boobs, then you need to read this article because you’re probably doing the OPPOSITE of what will actually remove them from your life forever.

It’s controversial stuff, and it rips the fitness industry (yes, my industry), but it gets to the truth that you need to hear to finally get right of your man boobs.

= = >> How Your Diet Is Making Your Man Boobs GROW

P.S. A couple things you should keep in mind with man boobs:

1. Don’t focus on fat loss – do the opposite. With your training you should be trying to build muscle, let your diet do the rest.

2. Avoid anything that’s estrogenic for a while, that means beer and plastics and soy. Keep these at an arms length – drinking-wise, whiskey and wine are a better option. Red wine is best.

Or if you want to take your eating and nutrition to the Next Level right now, get the Man Diet now by clicking me! 

4 Signs You’re Suffering From Low Testosterone

Today, we have a cracking guest post from Chad Howse, one of the top fitness coaches on the internet today. I’ve known Chad for a while now and he runs a honest, straightforward man-development blog called Chad Howse Fitness. Chad’s article are in-depth, life-altering, and sometimes just the kick up the ass you need.




However, you’ll notice that Chad very rarely wears a shirt! I’ve ripped the mick out of him a lot for that. Sadly though, he has that sort of body you want to show off! Ripped abs, muscular arms and a beast of a back. He has the sort of body we all want. But how do you get a body like his? Many toil away in the gym for ages and never get that sort of body. So how do you get it?

To get into great shape, you need to dial in your nutrition as well as put in the effort in the gym. Yet so few guys know what they should eat and why. Worse yet, the majority of guys are actually eating the sorts of foods that will hamper their progress.

Nutrition is a vital component to getting the body you want. Poor food choices will deplete the chemicals in your body that you need to build muscle and lose fat and vice versa. Today, Chad is going to explain how you can give yourself a test to see if you are suffering from low Testosterone and what you can do about it. 

Chad has hooked us up with a quick article. Make sure you run down the list and see if you’re showing any signs of Low T.

Enter, Chad:


Alright fellas, it’s Chad here.

Testosterone is the most important hormone for men to maintain healthy, high levels of. But how do you know if you’re experiencing “low T”, or if it’s something you should test?

Low T is a pandemic that’s being seen across the world, but most of the causes of low testosterone are actually under our control.

Your diet, training, and even the environment you surround yourself with, has an effect on your testosterone levels.

Run through these ‘5 signs’ to see if you’re suffering from lower than optimal testosterone…

If any of these sound like you, go to your doctor and get tested, but DON’T opt for testosterone injections, even if your doctor recommends them (here’s why).


1. You’re not waking up with the soldier standing at attention/low sex drive.

Low sex drive or erectile dysfunction is a sure-fire sign you’re experiencing low T. If you’re having either of these problems, get your T levels tested.


2. You’re storing more body fat.

Increases in body fat can be a sign of low T, as can a increased difficulty in burning it. If you’re finding it exceptionally hard to burn fat, you may be suffering from low T.

The first step is to fix your diet to increase your natural T levels (more on this in a bit).


3. You have low energy or fatigue.

Finding your energy levels getting lower? Or, have you always just had low energy levels? A lack of testosterone could be the cause.

High, natural testosterone levels decrease the likelihood of depression in men, but it’ll also enhance our energy levels. It’s important to have high natural T levels for physical, and mental health.


Discover How to Naturally Enhance Your Testosterone Levels Here by clicking me!


4. Experiencing muscle loss.

Testosterone, in its nature, repairs tissue. Some of that tissue is the muscle tissue you’re breaking down during a workout.

If you’re experiencing low T, you’re not going to recover from your workouts as effectively as you would if you have high, natural testosterone levels. You’re also not going to be able to build as much muscle or burn as much fat.

Testosterone, if at optimal levels (which is relatively easy to accomplish with the right exercise and nutrition program) will help you perform more efficiently, not just in the gym, but at work, at home, and in the sack.

If you want to learn how to bring your testosterone levels back to “optimal levels”, I highly recommend you check out this article:


images (1)

===>> How you may be Eating Like a WOMAN!

Or if you want to take your eating and nutrition to the Next Level right now, get the Man Diet now by clicking me! 


Thanks very much Chad! Some great advice and tips there. How many symptoms are you showing? It’s not too late to start now and fix your low-T and it will change your life in ways you can’ possibly imagine just now. Start now, check yourself against the symptoms above and let me know in the comments what you find.

Till the next time guys – all the best,