How to have laser focus on a goal – Kobe Bryant (La Lakers)




 What are these clips about?

Kobe Bryant and his Laser Focus.

Bryant is a extra-ordinary talent on the Basketball field. He seems unstoppable while he is driving to the backboard to score. He seems to have a laser focus on the basket and nothing else comes into consideration. He plays with passion and is willing to take the game deciding shots when needed. He plays fully present in the moment and is focused on winning and the joy of the game, more than for a trophy at the end of it.


Why should I care?
  • Bryant is focused on winning. He knows his overall goal and the RAS part of his brain focuses solely on winning. He blanks out all the distractions and goes after the target, in this case to win the game and score points. You should adopt this approach when in a club – forget the distractions and focus on the girls you want. You want similar laser focus.
  • Bryant is highly passionate about playing, he plays for the love of the game and enjoys being present in the moment fully. Bryant is one of the best players ever because he focuses his energy on his goal, he tries the shots that others won’t due to fear of missing, he will take game deciding shots and is willing to risk failure to succeed. If you are only experiencing success in a club, the chances are you are sticking to easy ‘targets’. Step outside your comfort zone and go for the hotter girls.
  • Bryant is a prime example of someone who wants to be the best. He practises the basics again and again. He puts in the hours of repetitive work to make his actions automatic and to happen the same regardless of environment. Practise your pick up skills too, so regardless of what environment you are in, you act as the skills are part of you. Bryant has the confidence to make the game deciding shots simply because he has worked his ass off and learnt how to make these shots hundreds of times before. He has reference points of his success and brings these onto the court on game day to draw confidence from.
  • Having a goal to focus on will ensure you work towards it. By being completely focused on the goal, you won’t procrastinate or muck around. Make your goal part of your identity (e.g. to become the best with women). Identify with the change you want to become and work towards it.


Sounds good, any tips on how I can rock that too?
  • Pick a goal that means something to you. Don’t pick a goal that is expected of you or that is wanted for you by parents, girlfriends etc. You need to find out who you are and what you want from life. When you find something that ‘feels right’, you will find that you focus on it automatically.
  • Look at your life objectively. You will find that the 80/20 rule applies – 20% of your actions will provide 80% of your main benefits. Cut out those actions that don’t work for you (e.g. watching crappy TV, not approaching in clubs, not going to the gym etc). You will find that there are a lot of actions that you do that hold you back – 80/20 will allow you to remove the wasteful actions. Focus solely on the things that lead you towards your goals.
  • Put the hours of practise in. Your brain is distracted daily by the numerous interruptions that we have in our daily lives. You need to practise focusing in on your goal to teach your brain to focus on only on what you want. At first, your brain will struggle against the change as it is out of your comfort zone. However, with some practise, the brain should start to phase out external junk and focus only on what matters.
  • Be willing to lose. Step outside your comfort zone.Be willing to sacrifice things to drive towards your goals. Be 100% committed towards your goal and be clear in your thoughts, words and actions – your intent is towards your goal and you need your thoughts, words and actions to be 100% aimed at achieving your goal.
  • The following videos will help you grasp these concepts further:




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