Why MOST bodyweight workouts suck!!

Today, we have a cracking guest post from Chad Howse, one of the top fitness coaches on the internet today. I’ve known Chad for a while now and he runs a honest, straightforward man-development blog called Chad Howse Fitness. Chad’s article are in-depth, life-altering, and sometimes just the kick up the ass you need.


I have a weird relationship with bodyweight training, a relationship that was rekindled in Italy where for weeks at a time I was relegated to working out with nothing but my own bodyweight…

… I say weird relationship because I don’t like bodyweight training.

Most bodyweight workouts end up making you lose muscle and strength, and yet some of the best workouts I’ve ever done were the bodyweight workouts I was doing when I was fighting (boxing bodyweight workouts).

There’s a reason why boxing bodyweight workouts work better than conventional bodyweight workouts – aside from the fact that fighters have been training using bodyweight for a couple hundred years, of course, and have perfected the art of gaining strength and power and speed while cutting weight.

Aside from that stuff, there’s this:

= = > Why Boxing Bodyweight Workouts Are Better

Toward the end of the article you’ll find the Boxing Bodyweight Program, a program I’m only releasing to you guys.

These are the workouts I did while I was fighting and the workouts I once again did in Italy.

They are awesome. Along with the sprint routine I’ve added as a bonus to the Man Diet, you’ll cut a TON of fat doing these workouts that helped me get ready for a fight.

So if you’re going to be traveling or if you simply enjoy bodyweight workouts more, definitely try Boxing Bodyweight Workouts:

= = >> Bodyweight Workouts for Getting Ripped

Appreciate the support.
Chad Howse
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