Making Memory Your Strength – Guest Post

Today’s post is a great guest post from Jackie Edwards. 

Super competitive but not a great sportsman? An amazing sportsman but have difficulty remembering how far you ran two days ago? We all secretly want to be the best at something in our lives. Be it our hobbies or careers, everyone wants to excel and be known as ‘the guy that is really good at something special’. How about a talent that is not only respected but can be very handy for many other areas of your life? – Your memory.

Being able to remember vast amounts of information has many advantages. From remembering why you couldn’t make it into work last Monday, to the names of everyone at the party, a great memory will serve you well. There are many different options, but to be a master of memory you have to train like a memory champion.

Different techniques to improve memory

There are a number of different techniques to improve memory ranging from quick and easy fixes for beginners, to more complex and harder to imbed strategies for those with more time and a greater desire to succeed. The Dual-n-Back training is relatively simple, requiring around 30 minutes a day, however in a recent study they found that 30% of the students using this strategy had an improved working memory.  Memory Palaces are quicker to use, you imagine yourself in a place you know well, like your home town, and place the objects you wish to remember in different locations. When you next envisage yourself walking around the town you should be able to remember the different items you left behind. It’s a quick method and requires very little practice.

Alternative ways to improve memory

If you are not the type to sit and learn techniques to improve your memory, there are other strategies you can use which won’t require any new learning. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are known to have great effects on the brain and keep it active. Being organized and keeping yourself busy helps the brain stay tidy and alert. Plenty of sleep help clear out toxins and socializing keeps depression and stress away, both of which can lead to memory loss.

So if you fancy being the master of memory and impressing with your skills you need to investigate the strategies that are best for you. However, if you are still struggling, one new study has found that looking at attractive women can boost a man’s memory. Must be worth a try.

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