To day is challenge 6 of the ProBlogger week challenge. The challenge? To pose a discussion piece, a post that starts a discussion with my lovely readers.






Another day, another challenge in the ProBlogger challenge. Today’s challenge is to produce a how-to post, a post that explains to the reader how they can do something in a structured way that the author can teach the reader to do … or at least claims enough skill at the tasks to teach another.


Today has been a brilliant day. I have just returned from a trip away. I attended a powerlifting clinic after an overnight stay. Everything was great, I learned a lot and met a lot of great people and on the way back, I realized something. Something that shocked me when I took account of it … I am really happy at the moment. Yes, some small areas of my life could be better, but you can’t be perfect. I’ve not always been happy, though. For large chunks of my life, I was seriously unhappy and moderately depressed. I was subscribed medication and CBT. I was told to snap out of it and just get on with it. People listed my good attributes and how I had so much going for me but, to be honest, I never really accepted it as I didn’t feel real, I just felt a phony at the time. I was really unhappy with my life and I didn’t know what to do, nothing really worked and it seemed likely to never get better anytime soon.

Yet, as I type this, I am happy. I am smiling all the time, looking forward to things, enjoying life. My mind used to race faster than Usain Bolt, throwing out problems, analyzing things and overthinking like an out of control machine. Now, I feel calm and collected and in total control.


How did I get here? Quite a few things seemed to have come together to have this effect and I would like to suggest some tips that worked for me:

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Today is challenge 4 in the ProBlogger challenge. Today, we are asked to make a story post, a post that offers a story about us as a blogger, an event, the business, a story of some description and how it affected you. Today, my time is short, I arrived late after my transport to my hotel for an event was delayed and my time to write, to blog has been severely restricted. So I thought I’d mention some thoughts I don’t think I’ve ever really discussed with anyone else.

I once did a skydive. I willingly jumped out of a plane and freefall for a few thousand feet before gliding down to earth when the instructor pulled the parachute. We fell ten thousand feet from the plane door to the ground. Why? It was linked to a death and my way of paying a thank you for those who helped my family in the darkest of times.


3 in 1

It all started the year that I lost three grandparents to various cancers and diseases. Not a calendar year but a stretch of time over two that lasted a year, but I won’t get fussy with descriptions. The deaths were of my beloved grandparents, people who had shaped my life in ways I appreciated and in many other ways that I only knew about after they were gone. I suppose it is true, you never know what you have until it is gone.

The deaths struck me like a thunderbolt. I had been 22 when I went to my first funeral, a family friend. I sat in the pew, surrounded by my school friends and others I had grown up with, seeing the devastation that it had caused to the departed’s family and felt like I wasn’t meant to be in attendance as if I was imposing on their grief in some way. I wondered how I would have reacted in their place. I didn’t have long to wait.

My grandparents died of various cancers. The rapid acceleration of cells in the body, to form tumors took my grandparents and others close and far to me since. Some of the deaths were rapid, others were long and drawn out like some evil being was toying with our pain and suffering, getting some kick out of it.

I watched as people that I loved, slowly lost their fight for life and despite being six foot three, powerlifting and feeling like a Highland strong guy, I had no power to do anything to help or at least support them.

There were some moments of light relief in this dark cave of life. Some warm memories were shared, laughs spread as we discussed silly and weird things family members did in some past time, that seemed to be a life someone else lived as  I sat on the outside of the conversations, feeling emotionally numb and not a real participant in the family as I had no idea how to act or feel.

I remember sitting and being awed by the Marie Curie nurses who came in to support my family. My grandparents were house-bound, some of my family members were acting as part time carers in addition to their real jobs. They would come in and take turns looking after their loved ones. Many were working almost every hour possible, sleeping little and were physically shattered, visible black bags under the eyes, the exhaustion of the stress, misery, work and pain etched on their faces as they tried to keep everything going, as they knew deep down they were preparing to say goodbye to a loved one, a parent, a friend, a mentor, someone who had shaped their in life and would be missed in ways that no one could ever explain or replace in their lives. At night time, the Marie Curie Cancer charity nurses came to help look after the two grandparents who were able to remain at home until they checked out of their mortal shell for the last time. These amazing people came into the home of those unfortunate families who were experiencing grief and misery and worked to ease the passing of the terminal person, to maintain their dignity and ensure their comfort was the top priority. Their support allowed some small shots of rest for my family members, something I was extremely grateful as I had worried for some who pushed their ‘burn the candle at both ends’ act to the extreme. The amazing nurses came in and did their jobs and supported the dying. It made me feel grattude to them for their amazing help but I felt worse, these were random strangers, who were looking after my loved ones better than I did. I saw the level of spport and empathy they provided. I vowed to be better and support them more. I tried and got better. I worked at it and was there more, I was present more and I hope they noticed how much I loved them.

Sadly, as explained by the name of the diagnosis, my grandparents were terminal, they were dying. There was no hope, no restart, no ctrl-alt-delete in life, to allow me to remove these evil blints inside them and allow them more time on earth, to restart the level in their life without the dark contents slowly squeezing out their last breaths.




The year was like a blur. I remember the first few days after each of my loved grandparents died. The rest of the time seems to blur together into shadows of events and random dribs and drabs of conversations remaining in the dark corners of my memory. I felt emotionally raw like a childhood innocence had been ripped away from me, along with my grandparents, never to be returned. To be honest, I handled it badly. I felt too immature to understand the magnitude of their impending deaths and the massive impact that it is having on other people in the family. I ran from conversations, hide away as much as possible from being around the people who were dying or upset as I didn’t feel capable to allow it in, as if by ignoring it, it wasn’t real or going to happen. Yet, it did and it will happen to us all. To this day, I regret how I handled things. I never got truly involved. I never helped out to the best of my ability. I never felt like I was present when I was with my grandparents, I felt too trapped in my own grief to attempt to understand what they were going through and assist or help them or at least try and offer some support or comfort. I didn’t feel a very good grandchild to them. I have many regrets from this time. I spent little time with the people I loved. I never helped enough. I didn’t spend enough time getting to know these extraordinary people while they were alive, I have many questions about them, all of which seem to arising as punishment for my shitty actions. I don’t feel like I showed enough love to them in their darkest times. I feel like all I showed was immaturity. I hope that they understand what the real me was thinking and meaning during the time and what I hoped they could read through my childish actions.


The story concludes, why this one?

I am sure that we have all had to endure the pain of losing a loved one, either a close family member or a friend or other connection to our lives but we will we will all handle it differently. I’ve told the story, neatly dancing around the areas that would need acres of text to explain situations and conversations and emotions or would bring the wall of misery back to encase me when I think about it. The story was to act as a scene setter, not a review of a sky-dive or something similar. I got thinking about it today for some reason and it seemed a good story to share as it made me think about some good things to remember.

The point of this article is to use a story from my life in a meaningful way. I decided to use this story as the tragic events taught me some valuable life lessons that I feel are helpful to others who are going through such an event or recently had to endure or anyone who has had it happen to them. Pretty much anyone reading this blog to be honest.


What death taught me

  • Death is inevitable. It is something that we all have coming, regardless of age, colour, culture or beliefs. We are all born and we will all die. Including you reading this. We do not have an infinite time of this earth. We are not always promised another tomorrow. That thing you are putting off, there is never a guarantee that tomorrow will come or that your heart will continue beating into tomorrow, so do it now. Plan it if you must, grab some courage and energy and do it now. Don’t let a wish become a dream or something that people mention that you always wanted to do but never got around to it when they discuss you at your funeral or somewhere else.



  • People don’t always know how you feel. The sibling you hurt while playing as kids but you never apologised to. The colleague you regret shouting at but feel too embarrassed to speak to set the record straight. The dying relative. People can’t read minds. You can try and portray a message by your actions but these things are left open to interpretation by the person, we all judge actions and words etc by our own beliefs, bias, and history to that point, so your actions may not give the real story you mean to. Instead, open your mouth. Speak to the person. Ask questions. Ask their opinions. Ask do they need anything, ask, just ask, just speak. Interact with the person. Interact in the situation. Interact to ensure that the memories you are left with are the memories that you are happy with.  Ihave made it my mission now that my family know I love and care for them, that when I die they will know how I felt about them and hopefully my neice and nephews will be inspired by the life that I live and it will push them to fufil their goals and dreams.
  • Death is not always an end. Sure, death takes someone from us, never to return them but there can be positives to take too. Death can remove their pain. Death can remove their suffering. Death can remove the agony they endure while on this planet. Death can teach you that life is short, that life is to be lived. Death can teach you how to live your life by the standards set by another or show you the ways to avoid by highlighting an unfulfilled life. I don’t believe in any gods or deity. To me, when we die, we die. We don’t pass go, we don’t collect £200 from the monopoly board of life and we slowly decompose in the ground. The only person we have to justify our lives to in the end, in my opinion, is ourselves, the person you see in the mirror. Death reminds us of our own incoming death and removal from this world. Our time on this earth is ticking away, it is coming but we will never know when, like some horrible present that no-one really wants but will be forced upon regardless of what we do.


  • Death teaches us. It shows the people around us for who they truly are, not the person they claim to be but the true heart inside that person. I remember being amazed at how awesome my mum was during this time. How she fought through exhaustion, how she looked after them, ensured their pain was managed as much as possible, food and care were provided as required. She is an extraordinary person and someone who is truly amazing. She means the world to me. She showed me that despite events being as dark as they can be, events that would rob her of the people who had brought her into this world, that we can find strength from within and help those, to care for those and forget our own petty needs and wants at the time. Watching my mum during this time, helped me mature into a more empathetic person. I saw her do these amazing acts as I fought my childish trembles. She was the type of person that I wanted to be and seeing what true, unselfish love was, she made me a better person. I have the chance to show her what she means to me, to speak to her, to be involved with her. I missed the chance with my grandparents but I have the chance now. Time is short, my parents will die, I will die but they are here now. They light up the world for me. I am sure that we are all that person or group of people who do they same for you. You know who they are. Make sure they know. Don’t live to think about how you wished you had done it in a massive regret that will never go away. Do it. Show them. Tell them. People are not mind readers after all.


Death is coming. Death will serve us all. We can’t escape it but we can learn from it, we can be there for people who are meeting death and we can be better people from it. I hope that my grandparents understand why I acted how I acted. Maybe I am reading too much into it and they know but the story of the deaths put me onto a better path in my life. It was a major part in starting this blog. It was a major part of me showing more love and being more present and there for the people in my life. Death is coming. Live a life worthy of inspiring others. Live a live worthy of praise and good memories to share with others. Live a life where you can be there for the people who you love in your life. Live a life that when you are lying on your own deathbed, about to welcome death in, that you can look at yourself in the mirror and justify your life to yourself.

Death is coming. Time is ticking. Life is for living. Start now. Pick some goals, take the first step. Just start. You may not have many or any tomorrows left, so use the now wisely. Start now.

Today is day three of the ProBlogger ‘get your blogging groove back again’ challenge. The challenge? To punt out a review post that will shake the world to its core … or just something for you to read while having a cup of tea and a skive from work. If that’s what you want … grab a biscuit too, you’ve earned it … read away my friend, read away!




‘Product’:The Next Level Guy Show‘ podcast

Why review this?: Currently, I do not have any review products of which I can analyse like an electronic Sherlock Holmes. Some are coming soon but I don’t have the time-frame or the product to review right now. So I have decided to do a quick reflective review of my new podcast, to see how things are going, where things are going bad and how I can change things to prosper in the long run … and tick off the latest challenge. It may be cheating on the challenge but I think it may scrape by within the terms and conditions of the challenge! Time to begin …


The Good

  • Great guests: When I look at my guests up to the present day (which you can do by clicking this link), I have to say that I have had some cracking guests, people who are renowned in their field of expertise and who run very popular websites and businesses. These are people who have massive audiences, who have excelled in their chosen fields and lead the way in their respective industries thinking and development. And the guests who are to come on soon … are just as good.

Seriously, subscribe now as you won’t want to miss out, click me!


  • Better at yapping than typing: If I consider my strengths, I feel that I am a better talker than a writer, I feel more able to construct what I want to say if I hear the waffle bounce around the room, rather than stare at a keyboard, waiting for the flash of brilliance that allows you to kill ten minutes waiting for your bus journey to end. The podcast has allowed me to become more confident in myself and what I have to say. I have noticed that I don’t throw up the filler words as much, fewer occurrences of ‘erm’ and ‘eh’ assaulting your ear drums when you listen to the more recent podcasts. I find that as I publish more and more, my brain works faster, my thinking has become more accelerated, I get to the ruddy point more (you wouldn’t think it reading this would you!). I am more confident talking now. I love to chat to the guests, I love to hear their stories and I feel more confident on listening and asking follow-up questions to delve deeper. This has taken time and has been a struggle but I feel that I am a better conversationalist for this and that can only benefit me in terms of my social life, relationships and career down the line, no matter what happens with the podcast.


  • Podcasting allowed me to keep blogging: Over the last two years, I lost interest in blogging, while I underwent a massive dose of impostor syndrome. I didn’t feel like I was an expert enough to write about topics and advise other people on how to live, while I wasn’t living the life that I wanted. However, by running the podcast, I am able to interview the experts, I am able to be the one asking the questions, listening to the answers and hopefully delving down to get the answers and insights that my audience wants to hear. If you look at some of my earlier writing, then compare the quality, the realism and the quality of both, you will notice a massive change. By switching the focus from supposed expert to ‘lay-man’, I was able to continue blogging and undertaking a journey of discovery and learning, that I hope everyone else is enjoying coming on too and learning something too.


  • Helped me develop personally and career: Everything on the podcast journey, from the setup, recording, editing and publishing is done by the extraordinary (and modest!) hands of the author of this riveting tale of drivel woefully pretending to be a review article. I didn’t attend any real training courses or hire another to do the work for me, instead I learnt everything the hard way. I tried things, I changed codes around, I changed links and saw what happened. I was successful sometimes and destroyed my sanity and swore a lot for the majority of times, when a seemingly meaningless change of a code would ruin my entire podcast feed or some other such monstrosity. Such events hurt my head, my fist as I hit the table and made me want to crawl under my desk, but I worked them out, slowly at times but learnt how to do each of the things required and then to push and develop each of the different areas, so I could be better at them, I could be more technical, more polished, more developed … you could say, hit the next level in each area (yes, I know, I need help!).


By going on a ‘wonderful’ journey of despair and misery, I became a self-made blogging wizard, I knew the spells to cast to fix problems that many people of more polished blogging fame struggled with or had to hire others. At my real work, I was able to offer to interview students and publish podcasts on a publishing platform I would set up for them. I got paid a lot of money for that. The skills, experience, bragging rights and money that came from all of this, would never have came about if I never decided to stop typing and start yapping with the record button on.



Another shameless plug for subscribers, click the above image to subscribe like the cool kids have


The Bad

  • I jumped without thinking: I don’t think it takes much investigation to realise that I had no plan when I started the podcast, I went in blind and hoped I could make it a success. Time has now passed and I am soon to record episode 5 with numerous other guests lined up or in the process of signing up and just ironing out the final details, it is too late to go back and start again in the grand scheme of things. To be honest, I don’t think I would want to start again, I am enjoying it all too much right now. However, I do wish, I had done some more investigation before I hit publish on my first post. I wish I had created a publishing schedule, that I had banked some recorded interviews so that when I was going through a dry patch with possible interviews, I could use some of my pre-recorded episodes and not have such long gaps between posts. The past can’t change, but I can use the present to consider where I went wrong and how I will use the future to eliminate the faults and publish a better show and make the show a career for me. I will be more fluid with setting up episodes as I record others, promote more effectively, work harder on the quality and have a more organised approach in general to everything.


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Today is day 2 of the Problogger ‘Get back in your blogging groove’ challenge and the challenge is to write a FAQ post, a post that answers a frequently asked question and post it up in 24 hours.

For me, this challenge was hard to find a suitable topic for. I do get a lot of questions from people but it’s rare to get anything relating standard questions just now as I am slowly rebuilding up my audience. Therefore, I have decided to pick the main theme for my blog and to answer the main question most will consider when they read the name of my website … ‘what is the next level?’ and how does one know when they have reached it and how to know when they are a Next Level Guy? So let’s get into it …


Where do I fit into all this?

To understand the concept behind my website, you would need to understand my weirdness and how I felt growing up. To be frank, I doubt I am your standard guy. When I was younger, I never felt like I fitted in, drinking at a pub/bar bored me rigid, football/soccer lost it’s appeal quickly unless I was playing it and with chronic OCD and low-level depression, I was unable to fully apply myself to perform at the level I knew I was capable at and that stopped me playing as I self-sabotaged myself at every turn. Social events became a nightmare as I felt like I was wasting a day and always fantasizing about what I could be doing or how I would have acted in numerous movie scenes and how I would have acted had I been the character.

As time went on, I noticed that if I pretended to be in the movies or video games and took on the profile, mannerisms and characteristics of the various characters, I could accomplish things that my anxiety, depression, and OCD would normally let me bitch out of.

Slowly but surely, things happened. I started small, accomplishing small goals, goals which took serious effort to do. However, as momentum started to build, I looked for bigger and bigger goals and challenges, many of which fell away before me.

Like a video game, I looked at each challenge as a level of life, where you can progress in skill, talent, and enjoyment. To get better, you needed to beat the level boss of fear, nerves, and lack of ambition. I loved that by considering all aspects of your life, regardless of your race, sexual orientation, cultural upbringing etc, all aspects of your life from cooking to fitness, to relationships to career and everything in between could have levels. Each aspect of your life could be made better, level bosses to beat, skills to be upgraded, life to be made better and yet you could always learn more and get better in general regardless of where you were and where you wanted to be. Life threw out so many possibilities for me and you to undertake, all we needed to do was find the next level, defeat the boss and repeat the rewards.

My life rapidly changed as I started to look out at life with this outlook. I became happier. I accomplished more with my days. I tried things I would normally have shyed away from to remain in the ‘normality pack’ of my friends. I put myself out there, I talked about things that interested me that were seen as weird or strange by those more reserved or complying to the ‘lad culture’ lifestyle. My life was changed by this outlook and the thought started to eat away at me … if it helped me, would others be interested in doing this too?


How does this apply to you, as the reader?

Yeah, I know, it’s a lovely story but why should you care? We all have things in our lives that we aren’t happy about.

No matter what you do, you never seem able to get them from your mind. You may work out hard, you may throw yourself into your work, you may even drink to the extreme or take drugs to forget, but they are always there at the end of the day. You can’t escape that feeling that you aren’t happy and want more from life.

I felt this way for years. I tried to be like the rest to fit in, I worked the traditional jobs, dated local girl and got jobs that everyone else did. I never pushed outside of the social norm as like most men, I feared change and the chance of failure if I dared step outside of my comfort zone.

After the death of a grandparent, I was shocked to my core. To see the life of someone that I had grown up with be extinguished was terrifying. It burst me out of the bubble that I had been living in, almost as if death happened to everyone else and not me or my family. The pain of it was deep and it left me in a dark place for a while as I grieved. However, in the darkness, a spark was lit. I decided I wanted more from life and I wanted to stop settling for the things that my comfort zone allowed.

I tried numerous things to get the life that I wanted but I kept failing. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to take hold and I slipped back to the start again and again. To find the answer I needed, I turned to a trusted friend,  Mr Google. I spent ours searching online to find the answer to help me find and achieve what was missing in my life. The answers however couldn’t be found, no matter how hard I looked.

It was at this time that I had a brain wave. It was like being hit by a thunderbolt of intellect through the cloud of mediocrity. If I was looking for these answers then so must be other guys. The desire to start a website took hold.

Yet what was I going to call this wonder of the digital age. Time passed as I thought long and hard about the name. The focus, I knew already. It was going to be a site that helped me become better in my life in the various aspects but a site that other men could use to help and better their own lives, as pompous as that sounds out loud!

One night the name hit me as I thought about life. I was engaged in a conversation with a friend and she mentioned how people are never happy with what they got. I thought about how modern day man was wired. It seemed that no matter what we achieve or get, we are never satisfied and I remarked that ‘we can never be complete, only reaching the next level’ and the name was locked in.

I bought the domain and the site was born.




So What is the site going to focus on? 

My site is about helping men become the best that they can become, seize the sense of adventure in them that may have become dormant and explore the real them away from social conditioning. This site is about taking you to the Next Level in your life, regardless of the level of your life you are currently at.

The focus of this site is to find out how we can achieve the life that we desire. To silence the nagging cravings we all have for a better existence and to complete the goals that we long to do. I know I am no guru nor will ever pretend to be one. However, I have learned a lot about what doesn’t work and will share my ‘wisdom’. For the rest, I will do what I do best and question those who have the life that I want.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now as we can never be complete. You can also improve the situation you find yourself in. We can always get a better job, learn a new skill, find someone to fall in love with, get a better body and so on. There is always another level to reach. You are never complete in any area of your life. That is what makes life so much fun. Opportunities are limitless.

We just need to know the general path to begin on and this site will hopefully show you the way to begin. The destination is up to you.

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We’ve all heard the reasons why we should work out, as well as trying to navigate the acres of articles on how to work out, many contradicting one another but what if you need to start back at the gym after a long lay-off due to work or injury? Well, that is a predicament I found myself in and the subject of today’s blog article.

The gym is a magical place, somewhere that as the numbers go up, the fat drops off, the muscle grows as well as the confidence in amazing displays of personal record-smashing lifts. That’s how it should go, a wonderful arena of challenges, easily dispatched by your skilled hands as they hit the next level, then like Arnold, you can crush your personal records, hear the praise of the gym folk and be king of your confidence as you eat your well earned high protein feast.


  • Time isn’t perfect: There will never be a perfect time to start again, there will never be a perfect time, an optimum moment. Time will not stand still, no one is waiting for you to attend, people are just getting on with their own life. By waiting, you are only wasting your own time. Start now and with that extra time, who knows what extra challenges you will complete on your way to gym superstardom.




  • Yesterday helps tomorrow: Help yourself attend by prepping your equipment the night before. Make it a ritual, to pack your gym bag with the necessary equipment and place it at your door ready for the next day. If you prep meals, simply have them ready in a carrier bag to grab on your way out of the door or making breakfast. Eliminate thought and effort, make the action as simple as possible. We are trying to build consistency now and get you back in the gym. If you leave packing your gym bag to the morning, any number of excuses may come up, not to go to the gym. You need to make this as simple as pick up the bag and go or go straight after work. Left leg and then right leg, they call it walking. Switch off your brain and go to the gym, eliminate the need for thought in the morning or after work and you’ll find you will go far more than you don’t. After a few weeks, it will become a habit and you will never need to think about it anymore, you will just do it.


  • Praise the good, learn from the bad: Remember that you are just back. You will not be as good as you were before. You will be down a level or two, you will be rusty and need to get back into your groove. The best thing to do will be to drop down the weights or level or intensity you are working out at to avoid over taxing yourself and becoming hurt or injured. By starting at an easier pace, you will recover faster and be able to warm back into things. Expect to be worse than you previously were before the break. This is to normal, to be expected and to be honest it is helpful. Your body will need to be warmed back up to lifting or working out again at high intensity. Be kind on yourself, set mini goals and be glad and proud of yourself when you achieve them. If you fail, instead of looking at the failure as a whole, be productive, look at reasons why it might have happened. Pick a reason, one reason and in addition to working out, focus on fixing that reason too. When it has been fixed, look to fix another reason when or if (think positively!) failure happens. To go straight back into it, you may hurt yourself, so working out at lower levels will allow you to start again after the break, get back into things, practice at safe working levels and then when you feel ready and confident, crush your goals like the little bitches that they are!


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The Basics:

Megan-CollinsEpisode: 004IMG_84531-600x779

Who: Megan Collins from

Megan Collins runs the men’s style lifestyle blog StyleGirlfriend. It’s like an encyclopedia of style, teaching men from with all standards of style how they can improve their look and in return, themselves for the better.





What we cover:

  • How she discovered style and made a career from it.
  • The evolution of style and why all men need to pay attention to it.
  • How you can start improving your style regardless of how bad a starting position you are coming from.
  • How can people keep in touch and social media links






Megan has her own great podcast, click me to listen





Links mentioned during the interview:


 Connect with the guest:


Something to reflect on:

Everyone has a style, which reflects on you and presents a message to the world. What does your individual style say about you? What could you improve your style?


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The Basics:

1455136908_Chris 5

Episode: 003

Who: Chris Ruden, the only 7-fingered, diabetic, elite powerlifter you’ll probably ever know!

Chris is awesome. He is seriously inspiring, a hell of a nice guy, so engaging and someone that you want to meet within minutes of chatting to him. I finished the chat so motivated and pumped up to go for that Next Level (boom boom) in my life. This is one of my favourite interviews ever.




What we cover:

  • Who this truly inspiring story is and why you need to listen to his story.
  • How he defied doctors orders to live the life that he truly wanted.
  • How limitations, no matter what, are self-imposed and you can overcome yours to live the life you want.
  • How he views diabetes as a good thing and it changed his life for the better.
  • Why you need a ‘Why’ in your life. Once you find yours, how you can use it to modify your behaviour for an epic life.
  • The concept of ‘teaching what you need to learn the most’.
  • The main issues facing modern man and how to overcome them.
  • Circle of concern vs Circle of influence.
  • How to make better decisions, find true happiness, motivate yourself and why being selfish is a good thing!
  • How to overcome the battle in your head and between your ears.
  • How he went from playing the drums to a 600 deadlift!
  • Why you should aim to become uncomfortable!
  • Why you should never say the word ‘can’t’ to him!
  • How to stay in touch and be coached to obtain the life you want.


Connect with the guest:

If you loved what Chris said in the interview, you’ll want to buy his new e-book, ‘The Art of Losing Body-fat – Starving Yourself Fat’. It’ll change your life!



Something to reflect on:

Limitations are self-imposed. What ones are you letting you hold you back from having the life that you want? How are you going to ‘Fuck your Excuses’ and instead ‘dream, plan and hustle’ your way to becoming the person you truly want to be in life?


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2 Girls Teach Sex Special Report:

man enough?
When you’re man enough in bedroom, you can get your girl into any position

Are You Man Enough In The Bedroom?

By Shawna Lenee
Special for


That is what the “A” stands for in the P.A.V.E. system I show in the 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs, and it’s the topic of your 10th and final lesson.

I saved one of the best lessons for last, and I mean it. There are few things that turn a girl on MORE than a guy who commands authority in the bedroom. When you act like a man it makes us feel like women =)

There are a lot of ways to be authoritative with your girl. Here are six you can use to get on the right track, tonight!

1) Take charge!

This starts right from the beginning. Don’t ASK for sex. Just make your move! YOU must lead the interaction.

Here’s a great way to show her you’re in control: Once you have her turned on, naked, and ready to go, tell her she isn’t ready yet.

Tease her, and tell her she has to beg for it before you will give it to her.

Then tell her what positions to get in, tell her what to say, tell her whatever… just make sure you are leading!

Make her orgasm on your command. When she is getting close, tell her you want her to come for you.OR tell her she isn’t allowed to come until you say it’s OK. Then keep doing her hard and make her wait for your OK.

That last one is an advanced technique =) (I explain exactly how to do it in my 2 Girls Teach Sex DVD program), and we girls looooove it. Try it out!

2) Talk dirty.

The whole authority thing backfires if you proceed to have silent sex with me!

Start early… If you’re meeting up with your girl later, call or text her ahead of time and tell her you’re going to do bad things to her. Tell her she better be ready.

Don’t know what to say once you are all over each other? Start by just describing what you’re doing, then tell her what you’re about to do to her.

Tell me what positions to get into. Tell me to talk dirty to you, tell me whatever, but save the “I Love You’s” for another day!

3) Do me hard!


You can’t be authoritative if you aren’t giving it to me hard, plain and simple. Save the sensitive love-making for another time. You have to put me in positions that are good for this – doggystyle is GREAT and so are a lot of other positions I cover in 2 Girls Teach Sex (duh =) )

But don’t confuse hard with fast. You don’t have to be pounding away like a jackhammer -just full, hard, and deep.

Get Physical! Gently but firmly pull her hair from the back near the roots, slap her lightly on the ass, throw her onto the bed, “mock” rip her clothes off with your teeth!

4) Use authority THROUGHOUT the whole experience.

Lead the way, tell me what positions to get in, and I will love it.

Talk dirty to me and I will love it.

Do me hard and I will love it.

But do ALL of these things… and watch me totally lose control and come over and over at your command!

5) It is all relative.

Authoritative for one couple might be completely different from authoritative for another couple.

If you have been having boring, quiet, missionary sex, with the lights out for the last 15 years – you have to be careful not to do too much too soon. This can make her uncomfortable and ruin the experience.

So start out slow if you have to. As you both get more comfortable you can keep adding to the authority… and having more and more fun!


6) IMPORTANT: Authority is not the same as being mean!

Authority is all about being in charge, and telling the girl what you want. It’s NOT about degrading her, making her feel uncomfortable, or being too serious.

One of my favorite things is when a guy is authoritative in a playful way. It’s more about him knowing that I enjoy him being in charge, that he’s not afraid to tell me what he wants, and that I can just safely give in to him.

Remember, authority is one of the best ways to get and keep a woman 100% sexually satisfied.

Many men have told me JUST these lessons have changed their entire sex lives! And taken them from clumsily messing around and “hoping for the best” in the bedroom to confidently giving their women orgasm after juicy orgasm… whether it’s their very first time with a girl, or someone they’ve been with for years!

In fact, one of the reasons why I’m so excited about the 2 Girls Teach Sex program is because of just how powerful this knowledge is when it comes to relationships.

You see, when you hit it off with a woman, and she starts thinking about becoming intimate with you… a girl will often become very nervous…

And the BETTER you get along, and the stronger the connection… the MORE nervous she gets…


Well, take it from me… EVERY woman has had the experience of hitting it off with a guy, and being really excited about starting a relationship with him… only to sleep with him and discover he doesn’t know what he’s doing in the bedroom.

There is really no bigger disappointment for us girls.

ESPECIALLY if we like the guy a lot.

Because we know that if a guy is at a certain age, and still doesn’t know what he’s doing in the bedroom, it is very unlikely he’s going to “snap out of it” and all-of-a-sudden figure out how to get us off.

It’s a real bummer. And it happens a lot.

On the other hand, if we meet a guy who IS great in bed, it’s a RARE treat!

Most women have dated so many bedroom losers that when we find a guy who knows how to get us off, he basically has us for as long as he wants.

And we are TOTALLY fine with that =)

The other reason I’m excited about 2 Girls Teach Sex is because of how it has helped men who are already IN relationships.

I can’t tell you how many men of all ages have written me telling me how 2 Girls Teach Sex has enabled them to inject new life and FURIOUS PASSION into their relationships!

My favorite letters to read are the ones where the guys tell me about how it’s now their girl who’s the one initiating the sex =)

Other emails I enjoy reading are from guys who use these techniques to give their girl her very first orgasm from penetration… or even her first orgasm, period!

And let’s not forget multiples and my favorite, squirting orgasms. Woohooo!

So here’s the deal sir… I want the next letter I receive to be from YOU =)

I’ve put this program together to show you EVERYTHING there is to know about how to rock a woman’s world in the bedroom.

From getting her hot and heavy for you… to ways to kiss that make her melt… to giving her intense orgasms during foreplay… to how to make her scream so loudly during penetration she’ll bust your eardrums (I mean that in a good way hehe)… it’s ALL in here!

But don’t take my word for it. I want to prove it to you.

Get it out there, try out the techniques. Click on the link below, and you can test drive the 2 Girls Teach Sex system RISK-FREE.

You’ll learn them in minutes, and be using them the same night.

If you’re not giving your girl the most INCREDIBLE sex of her entire life, starting IMMEDIATELY… simply send them back for a full, no questions asked refund.

That’s the only way I feel is fair.

If you’re serious about becoming the type of man women RAVE about to their friends… and dream about when their wussy boyfriends are clumsily trying to get them off and FAILING… then you owe it to yourself to make this investment in your sex life.

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Click here now to take your sex life to the next level:

You, and the women who are lucky enough to make love to you… will be glad you did =)



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